No-See Saturday



I have some FREEbies and DOLLARbies for you today that are a little bit on the naughty side. Yes, it’s the weekend and time to do wild things. Today I have hair, dress, blindfold, a couch, and a cage for you!  Don’t you love it???  I sure do!  

On another note, I’m thinking about doing some type of special gift for my readers but not sure just what to do yet. I’m still thinking on it and if you have any suggestions, please let me know!  I’d love to hear from you!

Leather Mini Dress [HH] Show Me More Dress Latex Black ($0L / FREE / Marketplace Gift) –

Hair Tameless Hair Dori – Naturals ($0L / FREE / Marketplace Gift) –

Blindfold DruWear Forbidden Apple 1L Hunt ($1L / Hunt Gift) –

RLV Couch Bondage by *GEL* (Around The Grid Hunt gift) ($1L / Hunt Gift) –  *hunt is over, but this item is still out and available*

RLV Cage Bondage by *GEL* ($0L / FREE / Gift) –




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