Blogger Looking For Work



“Will Blog For Fashions!”  Ok, so maybe it’s a little too close to will blog for “food”, but I’ve found a new passion in blogging outfits and new clothes around the grid. I have been in SL since 2005 (Yes, I’m over 7 years old!) and I’ve seen fashions come a long way since the day of prim skirts. Building has also come a long way, since we now have all of these beautiful sculpties and mesh items. If you are a designer or builder, I would love to showcase your designs in SL. I blog daily with an outfit that I’ve found around the grid that I can share with others. My blogs are syndicated and my readers thank me continuously. I would love to help you and share the items that you make. After all the best form of advertising is “straight from the mouth”!  Contact me ingame, or drop me a notecard and I would love to write a blog just for you. Find me today!

Many thanks,

Tammy Habsburg   


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