Summer Lovin’



I’m dreaming of summer because where I’m at (irl) it is so cold, however we have no snow. I believe if it’s going to be this cold then Mother Nature should allow my city to have at least a little bit of the fluffly white cold stuff. So, instead I’m dreaming and wishing for some summer weather like this picture tonight reminds me of. My toes in the cool grass and beautiful horses out in the country.  This dress is a FREEBIE from AvaGirl just for you!  It comes complete with some cute little bow flats. So giddy-up on over and get this pretty little outfit.

Dress – AvaGirl “Summer Flirt” ($0L / FREE / Gift) –

-Location  “Pretty Island”


“I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It”



Ok so I just found this in nice two piece dress in my notifications and had to go find it. It’s a FREE group gift from <<Imagen>>. It’s a very nice pattern and coordinating mini skirt. Just hop on over, join the group at the door and go inside. You’ll find the poster on the back wall waiting for you. Hope you like it as much as I do.  

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Lots Of Lavender


There are several lavender things going on this month and there’s even a lavender hunt I believe. When reading blogs a few minutes ago, I found this very pretty dress and it was linked to the Marketplace for $0L. Now purple is one of my favorite colors so I really do like this one. It’s like a good friend always tells me, “You can never have too many dresses.”

Dress –  Volstead ~ Empire ~ Lilac (demo gift!) ($0L / FREE / Gift) -

(*Note:  It’s not a demo, it’s the actual dress. Enjoy!)

Nice and Wet


I have been dying to use the mirror effect with water and just found the perfect outfit to take a picture of it with thanks to the M & M store. This dress is a nice sun dress that comes with a butterfly choker just for joining the group. It’s FREE, just join and then wear the group tag. You’ll see the dress picture posted on the wall. It made for a beautiful picture, don’t you think? 😉

Dress – M&M Female Clothes “Butterfly Gift Dress” ($0L / FREE / Group Gift)  -




“Oh strut your stuff!

Can’t get enough!

Ooh! Sigh!

Give her your attention

Do I really have to mention,

She’s the one!”

Coming from a history of dance and theater, I fell in love with this outfit the minute I saw it was released. The title is “One”, used in the Broadway hit “Chorus Line”. I’ve included the video below for you to watch too. You’ll fall in LOVE! Ydea has this group freebie in their store and it comes with everything you see here. Shoes, cane, outfit, bowtie, cuff, and hat! Adorable!  While you are there, you’ll see a whole wall full of group gifts, be sure to get a few of these too. You’ll be happy I sent ya. Thank you Ydea!  

-Outfit *Ydea* Clodette – ($0L / FREE / Group Gift) -



More pics of the outfit and a pic of the tails. 




And now for a little song and dance. 

She Works Hard For Her Money


Showing some love to Donna Summer this morning, and after a busy hectic week this week, I had to show tribute in some sort of way. Donna’s song puts it right in words but anyway, on to this day’s fabulous outfit. This is another freebie available from a hunt. You’re going to love it and this sweet and innocent secretarial look. I’ll even show you where you can get the hair for free too. In MANY colors. So relax, sit back, and go grab these goodies!  *Note, there is a HUD with the outfit so you can change the shirt texture. Very nice!

“She works hard for the money
So hard for it honey
She works hard for the money
So you better treat her right” 

Top/Skirt Combo – [DandelionWine] Mesh Blouse with Skirt ($0L / FREE / MAH #054 Hunt Gift) -

Hair – *Amacci* Hair Adena in all colors ( $0L / FREE / Marketplace Gift) -

Location is at Park Place Home Decor –


Got Me On Pins & Needles



I always love to mix and match things, especially when they go together and are FREE!  This whole outfit is free, including the hair.  Well ok, the hair is $1L but to have an outfit like this for this price is amazing. Earlier in the week, Sheaxxx blogged this outfit set and I just had to give it some more exposure. When I saw her wearing it, it really sparked my interest. So I ran around SL and started grabbing all of these pieces. I mean, don’t you like latex too? So let’s get started on how you can have this look too…. even the boots!!!  Also send everyone your love to Sheaxx for showing us this great set. 

Pasties – *HD* Hearts 2012 Black – Hugo’s Design ($0L / FREE / Gift) - 

Breast Pins – PB>>ShockHer – Plausible Body ($0L / FREE / Gift) - 

Corset – Adoness: JOJ: vesna underbust corset – Adoness ($0L / FREE / JOJ Hunt) -

Leggings – PB >> Basic Catsuits – Black Plausible Body ($0L / FREE / Gift) -

Boots – KCreations Adult Hub Freebies – Black Boot, Black Socks ($0L / FREE / Gift) -

Hair – ::Unique:Design:: Amy Dollarbie Gift – ($1L / Dollarbie/ Marketplace) -